Contributed by Lee, Posted by Hill Billy Stew

Hill Billy Stew Records, Plan-it-X Records, Hazzard Records, Anti-Creative Records, Hairy Chested Records and Rejected Records are all teaming up to make a difference in local communities this Halloween. The labels are organizing a contest in which the the participants who can collect the most canned food for good causes on All Hallow's Eve will win prize packs from the labels.

Here's how: We are sending the punks out trick or treating for canned goods to benefit local homeless shelters, food not bombs, etc. So here's how you play…

1) Gather all your friends in costume and go trick or treating for canned goods.
2) At the end of the night, take a picture of your friends and yourself in costume along with all the canned goods that you have collected
3) donate the cans to the nearest homeless shelter in your town. The person/team that collects the most canned goods wins the following prizes:

1st place: A very special grab bag from Plan-It-X Records!
2nd place: One of every Hill Billy Stew and Hazzard Records release to date and maybe some candy too!
3rd place: One of every Anti Creative and Hairy Chested Records release to date

*Best Costume Prize will win the Foregone Conclusion CD by Rejected Records;

To enter, please send the picture of you, your team and canned goods to Please include your address in the email and the amount of cans that you collected. All entries must be received by November 4th. We will post the names of the winners on November 7th on the website and send out the prizes immediately following. Please do not email us asking us if you won. We will contact you and let you know. Thanks.

Happy Halloween! Please have a safe holiday and Do not drink and drive. Please treat others as you would want to be treated! We are being serious when we say that.