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A few last minute notes from the PunkVoter folks. First Fat Mike wrote this for the latest Fat Wreck Chords newsletter:

Hello, and welcome to Monday. This is gonna be the best Monday ever. Why you ask? This is the last day I ever have to speak publicly about this fucking election. Probably the last time I will ever mention the word election again. Yes, It's hard to believe, but no one is more sick of hearing me talk about politics than me. But here it is, my last rant.

The polls are even and it's too close too call, except for one thing that everyone seems to agree on. No one has properly polled the youth of America. This is mainly because pollsters don't call cell phones and they don't generally question first time voters. This means that this election might actually be decided by us. It has never been more important for young people to vote. WE ARE THE DECIDING FACTOR. So please, if you can vote, VOTE tomorrow. The entire planet is counting on us. Oh, and after you vote, there's a big party at my house and your all invited. BYOB and please take your shoes off before entering. If Kerry wins, it'll be an all nighter. If Bush wins, there will be plenty of Valium for everyone.

Best wishes, Fat Mike

Also, Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms has has quite the election-related rant up on the band's website. PunkVoter recently posted an article regarding what you can do to make sure your vote is counted, we've reprinted it for you below.

Make Sure Your Vote is Counted! Bring Identification
Two forms of ID with the same address is even better than one!

Show up on time!
Here is a list from the Federal Election Commission of what times each state polling places are open. Please vote before school/work if you can not make it there in time in the evening!

Find Your Polling Location
Visit Type in your address - and this website will tell you your polling location! Or call 866-my-vote and they will help you!

Important Phone Numbers:
866-MYVOTE1 (698-6831)
866-OUR VOTE (687-8683)
Both Numbers are excellent resources for local election problems!

Text Messages Reminders offers a free reminder service and will send you a text message on your cell phone on Election Day of where your polling location is - Sign up for this free reminder at - Report Problems on Election Day To: 1-866-OUR VOTE
This toll-free number is an effort of the Election Protection Coalition, which includes the League of Women Voters, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, People for the American Way Foundation, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and numerous other civil rights and civic organizations that are committed to protecting the right of all citizens to cast a ballot on Election Day.