by Punk Voter

While it's hardly news to those of you who haven't been on Mars for the past 24 hours (in a cave with your eyes shut, and your fingers in your ears) yesterday, Democratic candidate John Kerry conceded victory to incumbent president George W.Bush.

And here by popular demand, here is an excerpt from the message from the "group of folks" at Punk Voter

Thanks to the millions of young voters who waited in lines to make their voice heard. According to The Circle (not the early reports of the Associated Press) young voters did show up in mass. 4.6 million more 18-29 year olds voted than in 2000.

Youth turnout was up 9 percentage points. However, fear-stricken homophobic turnout was also up by an amazing amount. Nonetheless, we are proud of the tens of thousands of punks who took to the streets to make their opinions known.

You can read Mike's statement in it's entirety here.