theprp posted this statement from guitarist Frank Vicario of Snapcase:

It's no mystery that the popularity of the band has been waning over the past few years and it's tough to keep flogging a dead horse when hearts are in other places, whether that be with family, jobs and/or other bands. We reached an impasse where our core fan-base had been dwindling due to disenfranchisement with our newer material and since we were a band who had been around for a while, many people had already pigeonholed what they perceived our sound to be and were reluctant to give us a chance. You know how it is? We sure do.

While some members of the band have moved on to form Ourselves, the band is expected to play one final show in January at a venue in their hometown of Buffalo, NY before officially calling it a day. The band's last studio effort was the now ominously named End Transmission, which was followed in 2003 by a compilation of B-sides and other non-album material titled Bright Flashes.