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Dynamite Boy, who released their final self titled release earlier this year, posted this on their website:

Rumors have been everywhere as of late as to what is happening with Dynamite Boy. I am going to finally confirm what has been going around lately.

As of April, 2005, Dynamite Boy will cease to exist as a musical entity.

The tour we just completed was our last tour ever (and mad props to Lucky Boys Confusion, Army of Freshmen, and Swizzle Tree for sharing in a bittersweet ending to our story; we had a blast, and wish all of you the best). We made an informal announcement at the last show of the tour in Urbana, IL at the Canopy Club, and our last show out of state was amazing.

Why is the band breaking up? We feel as though we've accomplished all we are ever going to with this band and priorities have shifted in our lives making the continuation of the band not nearly as important to us as it used to be. And with a hardworking band like ours, it HAS to be the #1 priority. That's not just the politically correct answer, it's the real one.

We will all be involved in different projects that we'll let you know about as they happen and come up.

Now, as I wrote earlier, the band will end in April of 2005. I'm currently setting up the last show, so when that date is confirmed and a solid line-up is set, we'll post it. There will be two, maybe three other Austin shows between now and then, as well as a couple other shows around Texas for those who can't make it to our final shows in Austin.

The first show of our final three will happen December 11th at the Red Eyed Fly with Cruiserweight, Born to Lose, and our friends from Florida in As You Wish.

The second show will be Cruiserweight's CD release show in the middle of February.

The third and final show will be announced as I get all the info.

So come out and share in our final hours with us, we appreciate all the support shown to us over the years, and look forward to the next chapter in our lives, both musically and personally.