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Horace Pinker has finished recording Texas One Ten and plans to release this new full length in Spring 2005. The record was recorded and produced by Mass Giorgini and the band. No label has been announced yet.

They've posted a track on their purevolume site called "Exhale to Asphyxiation" and the band will be touring Europe in April/May - Brazil in June/July - United States and Canada in July/August.

You can check out some reviews of their past material.

Texas One Ten

  1. Polisci101
  2. Morning Sunshine
  3. Penny Serenade
  4. Exhale To Asphyxiation
  5. More At Home
  6. Retrospective
  7. Texas One Ten
  8. Scene One, Take Two
  9. If You Fall
  10. Half Way
  11. Crystal
  12. Resonate So Real
  13. Still Life