by Rykodisc

A story at Pastepunk talks about the current label situation for The Fire Theft, the band made up of three members of the much loved Sunny Day Real Estate:

The Fire Theft have parted ways with their label Rykodisc. The group […] are currently working on a new record and shopping for a new home. The studio, which is in drummer William Goldsmith's home, is where the new recording is taking place. He says it will be months before anything is finished and the band is busy working on side projects.

Goldsmith's instrumental project features 5ive Style/Heroic Doses leader Bill Dolan, and they are possibly releasing a record on Sub Pop later this year. Jeremy Enigk, singer of The Fire Theft, is working on his long awaited follow up to his debut solo record Return of the Frog Queen. Look for tours of all three bands, possibly as one package, sometime in 2005.