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The Vandals' recent trip to play for troops stationed in Iraq has lead to problems with a promoter on their current European tour. The promoter of the band's originally scheduled show at the Arena Club in Vienna, Austria cancelled the gig in protest of the band's appearance in Iraq. The January 30th show was moved to the Planet Music venue. The band's official statement on the incident reads:

As a band with zero political songs, yet 10 about diarrhea, we were pretty amused that the Arena Club in Vienna, Austria found something to rally against in our visit to Iraq to entertain soldiers.

Joe Escalante commented on the situation in his tour diary:

There were no posters in town for our show at the Planet. We've had a lot of great shows over the years in vienna at the Arena which used to be the biggest squat in Austria. We've been playing here since we used to stay at the squat

Now they have decided to cancel our show here because we played for the troops in Iraq and they have put up some really sad stuff on their web site that says we played for "murderers and idiots."