Starkweather are finalizing their first new record in ten years. The record, titled Croatoan was recorded last year with Pierre Remillard and is expected on Second Nature this summer.

The band had this to say about the record:

The song I'm most excited about is, for now, called "Tuning Problem". It looks to be about 15 minutes and 21 Parts of oddly tuned madness. Another one that sticks in my head is called "The Dissonance Dirge". It has a lot of bizarre scraping noises and atonal chords that clash with one another. The most recent song I've been working on is called "68bpm" because it's a slow, tuneless dirge that never goes above 68 beats per minute. I've also done some work on the songs that we didn't complete for "Croatoan". "Epiphany", which is floating around on the internet from a live CBGB's recording, has a new intro, as does "Nightmare Factory". "Bustuari" and "Inducing Motion Sickness" remain unchanged so far.