Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Warner Music Group

Drummer Andy "Outbreak" Granelli has split from the Distillers and will be playing full time in Darker My Love (Tarantulas Records), a band he and guitarist Tim Presley started while they were in the Nerve Agents. Here's Andy's statement:

hi everyone, its me andy. i just wanted to write in to say that i have officially quit the distillers. i am now in Darker My Love full time. i will miss everyone very much, i really appreciated all the support from everyone over the years. this has been very hard for me, and i am going to miss brody and tony and ryan very much. none of this comes from any ill will. the 4 of us are still close friends, i am stepping down so that i can return to my friend tim presley, to continue playing with him. i started darker my love with tim during the nerve agents as an outlet for us to play exactly what we wanted to, with out comprimise. so i feel now it is my time to go back to that. again, thank you all for your support, i will miss the distillers, but i need to move on. i love you all.

The Distillers are expected to return this year with a follow up to their Sire Records debut Coral Fang.