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While it has been rumoured for some time, The Casket Lottery have officially announced that they have called it a day. They posted this today:

Its been said, and pretty much determined that the Casket Lottery has "broken up". It may be true. We never really talked about it, but it seems like that is the current status. We all still get along swimmingly, but got sort of tired of the routine, I guess. Maybe we'll play again sometime, but that doesn't look like anything that will happen in the near future.

We are still playing music in one form or the other. Junior has been playing drums and rehearsing for a new Appleseed Cast recording. He's also teaching quite a few young drummers how to fall in love with music and not go to college. Stacy is living the married life and currently making a video game with some friends. He's also playing music with me on some of my own songs that I'll be recording this summer.

As well as said tracks, i'm also playing in a very loud band with Sean Ingram, of Coalesce, Sam Hoskins, of the Elevator Division, and quite possibly another handsome dude, from another cool band, playing bass. More news on all of those projects as it comes.

The last release from the band was 2004's Smoke and Mirrors.