Lumberjack Distribution has announced that they have completed an acquisition of Mordam Records. Both companies are exclusive distributors of music in the rock, punk, hardcore, emo, metal, and other alternative genres. Both companies will operate as subsidiaries of the newly created Lumberjack Mordam Music Group, Inc.

The combined distributor will be responsible for releases from Doghouse Records, Eulogy Recordings, Eyeball Records, Jade Tree, Alternative Tentacles, Sympathy, GSL, Bomp, Dionysus, 31G, Thorp, Blackout, Lookout, Asian Man, AF and dozens more.

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1917 RecordsECA RecordsNew Day Rising
Three One GEmpty RecordsNew Red Archives
Action DriverEnterprise RecordsNew Age Records
Ace Fu RecordsEscape Artist RecordsOnefoot Records
Acute RecordsEulogy RecordingsOnedaysavior Recordings
AF RecordsEyeball RecordsOrange Sky
AIPFile 13Paw Tracks
Alive RecordsFacedown RecordsPunk Core
Art Monk ConstructionFighting RecordsPopSmear Records
Asian Man RecordsFrontierPunk Planet
Alternative Tentacles RecordsFractured Trasmitter Record Co.Rip Off Records
Bacchus ArchivesForsaken RecordingsReflections Records
Bifocal MediaGoodbye Blue SkiesRobotic Empire
Broken SoundsGern BlandstenSlowdance
Blackout! RecordsGoodfellow RecordsSound Pollution
Brand Name RecordsGood Life RecordingsSecond Nature Recordings
Broken RekidsGSR MusicShark Attack Records
Big Wheel RecreationGravity RecordsSilverthree Sound Recordings
Carpark RecordsHappy Couples Never LastSwami
Caulfield RecordsHell YeahSix Weeks
Committee To Keep Music EvilHigh Roller StudiosSympathy For The Record Industry
Confined RecordsHex RecordsTribunal Records
Coalition RecordsIcarus RecordsThis Dark Reign
CI RecordsIndecision RecordsThorp Records
Crucial Blast RecordsIndianola RecordsTotal Energy
CryptImmigrant SunTurnstile Records
Chunksaah RecordsJade TreeUprising Records
Cyclop MediaLucid RecordsVendetta Records
Divebomb RecorddsLoad RecordsVengeance
Dead Droid RecordsLovelost RecordsVoxx
Deep Elm RecordsLevel PlaneWillowtip Records
Devil Doll RecordsMagic Bullet Recordings
Doghouse RecordsMeteorCity
Dionysus RecordsMashDown Babylon
Dr. Strange RecordsMendit Records
DisasterMaggadee Records
Deathwish Inc.Martyr Records