by Kung Fu

The Vandals have launched a website with the intent of telling their side of story of their recent trip to Iraq and Kuwait, including the aftermath. On the site they explain:

Being pretty much just a silly punk rock band singing primarily about haircuts, food, diarrhea, and such, we took no position on the war itself. We are not spokespeople for or employees of the U.S. Government. We thought we were lucky to be invited into the war zone to perform for soldiers, contractors, and local people so we just went to play our music and hope that it made people happy.

Our visit created a lot of interest and controversy in the music scene all over the world. This site is dedicated to our first and future trips to military outposts. Hopefully you will be able to see what it was like for us over there and it will answer your questions about our experience.

Addressing the controversy the trip caused, particularly during the European tour that followed:

For foreign visitors to this site, we have found that it is difficult for non-Americans to understand that the USA has a long tradition of providing entertainment and welfare to it's soldiers on a non political non judgmental basis no matter where they are stationed. Our entire country comes together on this issue. On our recent tour of Europe and Greece, misguided protests, boycotts, and threats of brutal violence against us taught us this will probably never be understood over seas, but please try.

You can find the site at