by Hydra Head

The track listing for the long-awaited Isis remixes CD set has been announced. The collection, which was released in a slightly different form in Japan last year via Daymare, includes the tracks from the previously vinyl-only series released by Robotic Empire. The remixed and reinterpreted tracks come from from Isis' 2002 release Oceanic. Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations will be released in April 12th by Hydrahead. You can click Read More for the track listing and artwork as well as a sample track from the disc.

  1. Weight (Fennesz)
  2. False Light: Carry Edit (Ayal Naor)
  3. Hym (Thomas Koner)
  4. The Other (James Plotkin)
  5. Carry: First Version (Tim Hecker)
  6. Maritime (Teledubgnosis)
  7. Maritime (Mike Patton)
  1. The Beginning And The End (Venetian Snares) [mp3]
  2. Carry: Second Version (Tim Hecker)
  3. False Light (The Oktopus)
  4. Carry: Like I Will Love Her Forever? (Fuckin Die!!!) (DJ Speedranch)
  5. From: Sinking, To: Drowning (Destructo Swarmbots)
  6. Hym (J.K.Broadrick)