Contributed by inanechild, Posted by Hellcat

Nekromantix guitarist/vocalist Peter Sandorff and drummer Kristian Sandorff have left the band, though remaining member, vocalist/upright bassist Kim Nekroman, plans to continue. Replacements have already been found and will be announced soon. The following message was left on the Nekromantix official site by Kim Nekroman:

Long time no seeing! There has been some rumors roaming around about the Sandorff brothers leaving the band and that the Nekromantix has broken up! NO the Nekromantix has not broken up but, yes the Sandorff brothers have left the band.

The reason for leaving the band is in Peter's own words: "Because he thought it wasn't funny anymore"!

Peter is an amazing guitarist and Kristian a fantastic drummer. But the Nekromantix has done great without them before and I have no intention of letting the Nekromantix stop because of this! I wish them luck and hope they find the fun in whatever they end up doing.

The band has also announced plans for a US tour in June, though no dates have been released yet. The most recent release from the band was 2004's Dead Girls Don't Cry. Hellcat will be re-issuing the band's 1994 release Back to Life on June 21st.