by Addison

Addison Records has signed Columbus, OH's the Evil Queens. The label will be re-releasing their third studio album First It Boils, Then It Spills on July 26th. It will be remastered and expanded with tracks from the band's first two records, The Evil Queens and Dos. The press release touts that the band has been "compared at various times to Quicksand, Kiss, Fu Manchu and an arena rock- tinged Six Finger Satellite."

Addison's Marc Alghini discovered the band via a podcast from Ohio based indie-rock webzine Editor Robert Duffy commented "So the way it worked out: I played a new song off the self-released Queens album on one of my podcast/radio shows awhile back. Marc over at Addision hears the song, loves the song, comes to Columbus for the band's CD release show back in March. Loves their live show. (Who doesn't?) A month later, the album goes from being self-released to having a national presence."

The song "American Cancer" is online now.