Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Universal Music Group

Finch has announced the track listing and artwork for their upcoming release Say Hello To Sunshine. The record is the follow up to What It Is to Burn and is due out June 7th.

You can check out the song "Brother Bleed Brother" now. (Windows Media / Real Media)

  1. Insomniatic Meat
  2. Revelation: Song
  3. Brother Bleed Brother
  4. A Piece of Mind
  5. Ink
  6. Fireflies
  7. Hopeless Host
  8. Reduced to Teeth
  9. A Man Alone
  10. Miro
  11. Ravenous
  12. Bitemarks and Bloodstains
  13. The Casket of Roderic Usher
  14. Dreams of Psilocybin