by White Drugs

Both the Bronx and the Drips (a side project of guitarist Joby Ford and vocalist Matt Caughthran) are heading into the studio in the coming months. The band revealed details in their recent newsletter:

first off, may 25th marks the date that the drips are heading into a studio in eagle rock to record their forthcoming full length. sessions will include the tracking of 12 songs, all live, recorded strictly on tape, no digital product use of any sort…and should be available, well, who knows. soon.

june 1st marks the date that the bronx will head into a studio in venice and begin tracking 12 or so tunes (out of the 30 that have been written) with matt and joby's fathers at the knobs, swapping stories about 'nam. again, strictly all analog, and again, nothing digital about this bad boy. in the past 4 months we have learned and mastered the art of both kinds of music, country and western, and both styles are shaping up nicely! should be released, well, who knows that either.

there is no touring planned as of yet, we will not be playing any hippy summertime festivals this year, but the music will flow. there will be a slew of 7-inches released on white drugs in the months to come that are all shaping up to be quite exciting and quite visually stimulating, more info on that as they begin to surface.

The Bronx released a self titled record in 2003 via White Drugs / Ferret. Their imprint will be teaming up with Island for the forthcoming release.