NOFX track runs afoul of the CRTC

A NOFX song has led to trouble with Canadian media regulator, CRTC. A recently broadcast of the track "Kill All the White Man" on Winnipeg-based Power 97 led to a listener complaint and eventual proceedings between the government and the radio station.

Due to what a violation of CAB Code of Ethics, Clause 9 which states that a radio station cannot air material that "[contains] gratuitous violence in any form, or otherwise sanction, promote or glamorize violence," the radio station has been forbidden from broadcasting the song and was forced to broadcast the ruling during peak listening hours.

Despite the nature of the song as an ironic indictment of colonialism, the broadcast standards group concluded

[P]articular care shall be taken by radio broadcasters to ensure that programming on their stations does not […] sanction, promote or glamorize violence." The "solution" to the ills described above is "Kill all the white man." Moreover, if the sentence is not in and of itself sufficiently unequivocal, the line is repeated no less than 23 times.

You can check out the ruling here.