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Amy Griffin (of Raging Teens and Avoid One Thing) has joined Darkbuster as the group's second guitarist while the lead singer/guitarist Lenny Lashley recovers from a hand injury that he suffered last month. Lashley commented on Darkbuster's website that the band is "vastly improved since I'm not playing guitar." A benefit performance to help cover Lashley's medical bills will be held at the Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts this Sunday, June 26th, including performances from Darkbuster (with guest vocalists), Lashley's punk-country band the Piss Poor Boys (also with guest vocalists), the Dogmatics, the Raging Teens, the Dents, Drago (a Darkbuster side band featuring the group's Mike Gurley and Eric Edmonston), the McGunks and Three Sheets.