Contributed by editcutlife, Posted by Rhino

On July 15th, work will begin on the Rhino Films production of What We Do Is Secret in Los Angeles. The film will be written and directed by Rodger Grossman and an early "teaser" trailer has been released and can be found here. The film was delayed indefinitely according to reports that surfaced a year ago, but work has apparently resumed.

In addition, Carol Grant Casting, the casting agency working on the film, recently contacted with some information about extra roles being cast. In particular, the film is looking for "concert goers and party goers" as well as photo doubles of Joan Jett and Freddie Mercury as they appeared in 1980.

The film is also seeking musicians to "photo double" bands from the era, including Vox Pop, The Screamers, The Plunger Sisters and Black Flag. The film is a SAG Modified Low Budget Film and so extras will recieve the non-union rate of $54 per eight hour day, plus overtime. The extras must also be over 18. People interested can contact the agency and more details can be found here.