Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Common Cloud

Common Cloud has announced the signing of Chicago, IL's Braille. The band will release their debut for the label, titled Thin Cities on August 2nd. The record was produced by Jeffro, who also worked on the Felix Culpa's Commitment.

The band is currently in the process of booking a tour with Those Transatlantics in August.

August 4, 2005Lindenhurst, IL
August 5, 2005Dekald, IL
August 6, 2005St. Louis, MO
August 7, 2005Nashville/Memphis, TN
August 8, 2005Birmingham, AL
August 9, 2005Atlanta, GA
August 10, 2005Athens, GA
August 11, 2005Greensboro, NC
August 12, 2005Richmond, VA/DC
August 13, 2005Baltimore, MD
August 14, 2005Philadelphia, PA
August 15, 2005New York City, NY
August 16, 2005Cornwall, NY
August 17, 2005Pittsburgh, PA
August 18, 2005Toledo, OH
August 19, 2005Detroit, MI
August 20, 2005Mt. Pleasant,MI
August 21, 2005Traverse City, MI