by Doghouse

Max Bemis of Say Anything has posted a lengthy update on the band's website. Of some note is the explanation for the recent cancellation of dates with Circa Survive and Emmanuel. Bemis explains that:

Basically I lost my mind again, and when I say that I lost my mind I don't mean I had depression or anxiety but that I had full on paranoid delusions which could have really screwed me up. If I didn't get to the mental [hospital] in good time, I could have ended up dead.

However, to make up for the cancelled dates, the band will head out on a tour this fall with Saves The Day, Senses Fail and The Early November. Also, he had a few words to say about the upcoming follow up to 2004's Is a Real Boy, promising that:

I am writing new songs too. I have changed as a person because i have found inner confidence and fallen in love. The next record will be one about the triumph of humanity instead of its corruption. It's picking up where 'Admit It!' left off. Its the sequel motherfuckers and its going to be rock and and roll music. It's going to be the same honesty but its not going to be about redundancy. It's going to be about breaking the mold.