by The Clash

Carbon Silicon which features Clash and Generation X alumni Mick Jones and Tony James respectively, have recently provoked discussion with their open music sharing policy. According to the BBC report, the band is currently making all recordings available freely online and actively encourages bootlegging and filming of their performances. In fact, the band has criticized the "waves of litigation surrounding music sharing in their track, "Gangs Of England."

James explained that:

What we're talking about here is fans who are sharing music. It's just like you did when you were young, when you made a cassette of your favourite tracks you'd love, and would give it to a friend and say 'listen to this.' Everyone's going to say, 'hang on - if they've got it already, why are they going to buy the record?' But what we find is actually, people really like buying the records.

Some material from the band can be found on their discography page as well as authorized fan site, which features a forum devoted to easy downloading of the material.