In a recent interview, Glassjaw and Head Automatica frontman Daryl Palumbo talked a little about his future plans. On the subject of Glassjaw, Palumbo mentions that he and guitarist Justin Beck have been writing new material. To date only three news songs have been written, with one titled "Natural Born Farmer." However, other than the upcoming shows with the band, there are few plans to record any of the new material in the near future, with Daryl saying that

I have no idea [when]. Glassjaw, that was the sort of band that, if shit just kind of happened, it happened. Whenever the time presents itself, it will happen. And it will happen. I just don't know when.

On the other hand, Head Automatica has already produced another 40 tracks to follow Decadence. Palumbo promises "power pop with electronica elements" and hopes an album could surface as early as this year. Besides appearances on the upcoming full length from Every Time I Die and a recent release from This Is Hell, Palumbo also discussed his project with Thursday's Geoff Rickly, Chree from the Number 12 Looks Like You and Kiss It Goodbye's Eric Cooper. Dubbed United Nations, he describes it as a "blast-beat-riddled grindcore band."

Glassjaw, who had seemingly broken up this past year released their last record Worship & Tribute in 2002.