by Sidecho

SideCho has posted an e-card for the forthcoming full-length from the Pale Pacific, entitled Urgency. The card lets you stream two full songs from the full-length as well as clips of three others.

You can click here to check it out: The Pale Pacific E-Card Urgency is the band's fourth full-length and is due out August 23rd. It follows up both this year's single / teaser EP Rules Are Predictable, and SideCho's 2004 reissue of Gravity Gets Things Done, originally released in late 2003 on Always Never.

The Pale Pacific - Urgency
  1. In the Sun, Pt. 2
  2. Sucker Punch
  3. Tied to a Million Things
  4. Identity Theft
  5. Fortune Folds
  6. Your Parents' House
  7. Written Down
  8. The Strangest Second Chance
  9. If Only She'd Leave Town
  10. Back to You
  11. Fall to Place