by Epitaph

Epitaph has signed Long Beach, CA-based goth/punk act I Am Ghost. The label describes the band as "integrating the raw energy of post-hardcore with contemporary punk rock and elements of classical strings and piano, " and will re-release the band's We Are Always Searching EP on October 25th.

Four tracks from the band can be found on their myspace page.

  1. The Dead Girl Epilogue
  2. Pretty People Never Lie-Vampires Really Never Die
  3. We Are Always Searching
  4. Eulogies and Epitaphs
  5. The Most Beautiful Nightmare: Part Two
  6. Kiss Me Like You Wanted- I Will Never Tell
  7. Lady Madeline In Her Coffin
  8. Civil War and Isolation Thirst
  9. The Last Goodbye of Smile and Bone