Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Break-ups

After forming and playing their first show a mere four months ago, new Ben Weasel project Sweet Black And Blue have disbanded. Weasel had this to say on his website:

The band known as Sweet Black And Blue is no more. Scheduling band practice had become a comedy of errors which would've left us four months between rehearsals. Further, the nagging suspicion that I have perhaps outgrown the need (not to mention the desire) for the band mentality and all the drama it entails (and which I once found so delicious) blossomed into a full-blown conviction in a brief moment of clarity over an Indian buffet at Oak Park's Khyber Pass restuarant; it may have only been the curry talking, but the revelation struck like a lightning bolt: "Brother," spoke an angelic voice, "you don't need this shit."

Weasel went on to say that he will continue to make music, simply resorting back to his own moniker:

"…'Ben Weasel' version 2.0 will be a band, but it will be a band whose personnel can constantly change according to my needs and whims; the illusion of a solo gig that masks a legitimate band, minus all the real-band baggage. I've already got the nucleus - now it's just a matter of charting the course and setting sail."

We'll bring you more on Weasel's new lineup when we have it.