Scott's Mixtape available at Suburban Home

Ever since Aubin got do to a Guest Mixtape for Suburban Home Records a few months ago, I've wanted to do one, too. Virgil heard my plea and let me create my own for the month of August, which they launched this past Friday.

The rules, for those who are unfamiliar, are the guest is allowed to only pick 12 songs for their mix, and they all have to come from releases currently in the Suburban Home online store. You can check out my tracklisting by clicking here , and you can listen to the songs here.

Finally, the nice people at Suburban Home will give you 10% off any order placed in their online store when using the coupon code "Scott," so take a look.

None More Black"Oh, There's Legwork"Loud About Loathing EP
The Gamits"Reset"Small Price To Pay EP
The Lawrence Arms"Quincentuple Your Money"Cocktails And Dreams
Hot Water Music"The Bitter End"Never Ender
Saves The Day"Three Miles Down"Can't Slow Down
The Velvet Teen"Chimera Obscurant"Elysium
Jets To Brazil"Sea Anemone"Orange Rhyming Dictionary
The Honor System"The Sound Of Sinking"Rise And Run
At The Drive-In"Initiation"Acrobatic Tenement
Lifetime"Boy's No Good"Jersey's Best Dancers
Say Anything"Admit It!"…Is A Real Boy
Rocky Votolato"Mix Tapes/Cellmates"Suicide Medicine