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The Rhino Films production of What We Do Is Secret has wrapped up filming in Los Angeles according to this story from Billboard.

The film aims to document the life and untimely death of Germs vocalist Darby Crash. While it does not cover his entire life, the movie focuses on Crash's "five-year plan" to become a legend before comitting suicide in 1980. To ensure that the film was true to the story, Director Roger Grossman enlisted the help ex-Germs guitarist Pat Smear, as well as members of Crash's family and others involved in the late '70s/early '80s Hollywood punk scene,

Playing Crash is actor Shane West who is best known from his role on ER. Rick Gonzalez will play Smear, and many other figures from the time will be included in the film, including Captain Sensible and Penelope Spheeris. Bands from the era are also represented in the film, with The Bronx filling in for legendary hardcore act Black Flag.

Though some were initially skeptical about West in the role, Rodger had nothing but praise for the actor, saying:

[West] got so close to being Darby that it actually freaked out a lot of the scenesters that came by the set," Grossman says. "He committed to doing this role in a way that I've never seen an actor commit to do anything. He read all the books that Darby read. He got blue contacts and prosthetic teeth permanently affixed to his, which had to be 'chipped out' so his teeth were more like Darby's."

The film was written and directed by Grossman and an early "teaser" trailer has been released and can be found here. The film was originally said to be delayed indefinitely according to reports that surfaced a year ago. With the film now in post-production, Grossman's goal is to premiere What We Do Is Secret at next year's Sundance Film Festival.