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Following the departure of drummer Andy "Outbreak" Granelli, bassist Ryan Sinn has quit the Distillers. This past Thursday Sinn posted the announcement to the band's now-removed MySpace page. MTV News attributed the following to the posting:

I'm no longer part of the life I knew so recently. The Distillers are no more and it feels like a weight has been lifted. However, I'll never get rid of the disgust inside from it all.

Sinn joined the band when to replace Kim Chi, who left to join X frontwoman Exene Cervenka in the Original Sinners. Of the Distillers' Coral Fang lineup now only vocalist / guitarist Brody Dalle and guitarist Tony Bradley remain. The band's management insists they will continue on, commenting to NME that:

The band is not breaking up but there's been a little movement of the members (both loss and gain). Brody is working on the new album and the band still exists.