by Sex Pistols

John Lydon - or Johnny Rotten as he is often known - will release The Best of British £1 Notes on October 3rd. The release will be available as a single CD, or a special edition 2 CD pack featuring additional mixes and bonus tracks selected by John. The album aims to cover Lydon's career from his start with the Sex Pistols, through PiL to his solo records and collaborations. John has also recorded a new track for the outing.

There will also be an additional DVD release, featuring videos, Sex Pistols live footage, and unreleased PiL studio mixes from Metal Box. The new track, titled "The Rabbit Song" is exclusive to the collection.

With the Sex Pistols, Lydon recorded the influential Never Mind the Bollocks while shifting gears to record prominent records with Public Image Ltd. including Metal Box/ Second Edition.

The Best of British £1 Notes
  1. Anarchy In The UK
  2. Public Image
  3. This Is Not A Love Song
  4. Open Up
  5. Rise
  6. Don't Ask Me
  7. Seattle
  8. Holidays In The Sun
  9. Death Disco
  10. Flowers Of Romance
  11. World Destruction
  12. Warrior
  13. Disappointed
  14. Sun
  15. Bad Life
  16. Home
  17. The Body
  18. Cruel
  19. God Save the Queen
  20. The Rabbit Song

Special Edition Bonus Disc

  1. Death Disco (12" Mix)
  2. Poptones
  3. Careering
  4. Religion
  5. Banging The Door
  6. The Pardon
  7. Rise (12" Mix)
  8. Disappointed (12" Mix)
  9. Warrior (12" Mix)
  10. Acid Drops
  11. Open Up (Full Vocal Mix)
  12. God Save The Queen (Dance Mix)
  1. Anarchy In The UK
  2. God Save The Queen
  3. Public Image
  4. Death Disco
  5. This Is Not A Love Song
  6. Bad Life
  7. World Destruction
  8. Rise
  9. Home
  10. Seattle
  11. The Body (Uncensored Version)
  12. Warrior
  13. Disappointed
  14. Don't Ask Me (Title Version)
  15. Cruel
  16. Covered
  17. Open Up
  18. Sun
  19. Pretty Vacant - Finsbury Park 1996
  20. Bodies - Phoenix Festival 1996
  21. Silver Machine - Crystal Palace 2002
  22. Unreleased Monitor Mixes: Death Disco & Albatross