by Hellfest

It seems the problems resulting from the recent cancellation of Hellfest have not all been resolved yet. According to this story, as many as a thousand potential Hellfest attendees have yet to recieve a refund, and no relief is yet in sight for those patrons of the festival. Some attendees are also reporting that the promoters are refusing to respond to requests for information either.

While those 3500 people who purchased tickets directly from the Sovereign Bank Arena box office have already recieved refunds, people who purchased the tickets from local record stores or online via Paypal are still waiting. According to one store owner, Rich Boblenz of Tunes Music:

We just have a statement we give them that says we are not responsible. It's Hellfest's problem. We gave Hellfest the money for the tickets sold before it was canceled. That's why we can't give any money back.

While festival organizer Shawn Van Der Poel said this in August:

The game plan with the ticket money is we have a lot of money out for deposits right now, whether it was for fencing or tents or our insurance policy, which was $22,000, All that money needs to come back. […] The reason why those deposits didn't go out, and really it was only $20,000 in deposits, was because the arena was supposed to settle with us first for all the first-round of advance ticket sales and they dragged their feet doing that. That's why money was so tight.

Hellfest was cancelled at the last minute after a disagreement over the insurance policy between the organizers and the venue. While a lawsuit is pending, no statement has been released on the status from the Hellfest organizers or the venue.