Robotic Empire has announced the signing of Miami, Florida's Capsule and Philly/NY/Richmond-based Ultra Dolphins.

According to the label, Capsule "plays furious and interesting tunes of blistering proportions, combining everything from super thick riffs with frantic blasts to mellow melodic guitars that meander into jazzy interludes or suddenly collapse into thunderous maelstroms. [They're] reminiscent of a few heavy screamo bands in the technical/off-kilterness of Jeromes Dream or Love Lost But Not Forgotten." The band will be releasing their full length debut early next year and you can check out a track on their myspace page.

Ultra Dolphins is described as a "noisy and unforgiving blend of post-hardcore, punk, indie, rock and way more. We're talking Jesus Lizard, Fugazi, Led Zeppelin, Frodus, Shellac, Hella, Snack Truck (with whom they share members) and just plain ol' pummeling rock in general." The band will first release a remastered compilation of their EP releases and follow that with a new full length in 2006. Two tracks can be found on their myspace page.