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SNFU, one of Canada's longest running punk acts, is calling it quits. Founding guitarist Marc "Muc" Belke posted the following to the band's official website:

I would love to thank all the people that have come to see Snfu play in the last year. We had a great time & managed to tour Canada a couple of times to support our 9th album, "In The Meantime & In Between Time". I'm truly sorry we didn't manage to get to play any other territories as we had originally planned.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce my departure from from Snfu, as it has been the biggest part of my life for almost 20 years. It's my feeling that Snfu has done everything that we had set out to do. Being in Snfu has enabled me to see the planet and meet so many incredible people that won't even start to list them. I look forward to working with the Vancouver trio "Married To Music". I am releasing their new album, "Sweet Kicking & Screaming" on my Rake Records label this October. Last week I became a student again for the first time in many many years. I was accepted at BCIT to participate in their radio broadcasting program. I am also looking forward to being inspired again to create some more music and work with new musicians. It's been a pleasure working with Matt (bass) & Shane (drums). Their involvement made the decision to leave more difficult as they helped create one of the finest versions of Snfu ever. Matt will continue to work with Jakalope and plans on finishing an album with one of his previous projects Ocean 3. Shane was also in Ocean 3. Shane will fill in on drums for the Real Mckenzies when they tour Canada this fall and is interested in offering his services to other bands. There is also talk of Slaveco starting again.

It feels like I've been doing Snfu forever and I'm sure that I'll have no regrets. Thanks again to everyone who has come to see us play, bought our cd's and wrote in to our web site. You were my inspiration the last couple years to get that last album out. It was for you.

SNFU (originally an acronym for Society's No Fucking Use) formed in Edmonton, Alberta in 1982. The band was initially comprised of vocalist Mr. Chi Pig, guitarists Brent and Marc Belke, bassist Warren Bidlock and drummer Evan "Tadpole" Jones. Over the next decade their rhythm section shifted from album to album, with over 17 people having played in the band at one time or another.The band released albums on BYO, Cargo, Epitaph, Alternative Tentacles and their own label Rake Records.