Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Rykodisc

80s horror punk act 45 Grave have dropped off the recently announced tour with the Misfits. The band reunited after a fifteen year hiatus and includes original vocalist Dinah Cancer and a new lineup including Lisafer (Nina Hagen/SnapHer/D.I.) and Rikk Agnew (Social Distortion/Adolescents/Christian Death), Jaime Pina (Chemical People, Jeff Dahl Band) and Mike "Thrashead" Sullivan (Bad Acid Trip, Naked Aggression). 45 Grave took the hiatus after the death of bassist Rob Graves due to an accidental overdose in 1991.

In a posting to her website, vocalist Dinah Cancer explained:

Due to the irreconcilable differences in the business practices of Artists Worldwide, 45 Grave have decided to separate from Artists Worldwide. This decision was made after counsel with their legal advisors, business partners and management. This has resulted in 45 Grave pulling out of their tour with the Misfits.

The post goes on to explain that the band will continue to pursue touring and hopes to begin working on new material as well.