by Ferret

Joey Southside, vocalist of New Jersey hardcore act The Banner has announced his upcoming comic book series. Under the working title Life Is Hell, Southside is contributing the first series to My Chemical Romance guitarist, Frank Iero's, Skeleton Crew Publishing.

The series will follow a band of anti-heroes including a werewolf and vampire who will be tackling threats even more horrorific than themselves. Combining splatter-punk elements, the book will focus a great deal on the hardcore punk lifestyle as a backdrop for the series.

Iero's company, Skeleton Crew was launched in July of this year. It is described as a record label, book publisher, and clothing design company. As a label, it will focus on limited edition, colored vinyl and picture discs. As a publisher, he hopes to publish books written or illustrated by people who "have something to say."

As a "clothing company," Iero stresses that the focus will not be screen printed t-shirts and some samples can be found on the company's website.

The Banner is currently on the road with Walls of Jericho and Modern Life Is War supporting Each Breath Haunted. My Chemical Romance is currently in the UK supporting their full length, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and upcoming DVD, Life on the Murder Scene.