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New Jersey's very own Lifetime sent a statement about their upcoming touring plans. The influential band played a few East Coast reunion shows earlier this year, after their initial reunion show was canceled along with the rest of the ill-fated Hellfest

As some of you may know, Lifetime got back together to play HellFest this past August, after being given the opportunity (by the Fest's organizers) to raise a large amount of money for the charities of our choice. We were readying ourselves for what could have been a pretty alienating experience, playing the Enormo-Dome in front of 8000 metal-core dudes, when much to everyone's surprise, the Fest got cancelled at the last minute.

With the help of Margie Alban at Do It Booking and a host of other hardworking friends, we were able to scrape together 3 days of amazing and much more intimate shows. That weekend in August turned out to be a seriously transforming experience for this bunch of aging and sometimes cynical punks. Thanks to all the old friends and new kids who came out to sing along, I think the five of us felt transported back to a time when our lives were first changed by music.

To make an already long story shorter, we have decided to play together again, not as the resurrected corpse of a one-off reunion show, but as a group of guys who love making music together. We will remain committed to our families and our other musical endeavors, so we're unsure of how often you'll hear from us, but you can expect more shows and more music in the coming year. We will be playing some shows in California at the end of January, 2006, in L.A. and San Francisco. Thanks for your support.

The band added a few West Coast dates last week. Besides the tour dates, the band will also release a rarities compilation next year.

Members went on to form the equally influential Kid Dynamite, Zero Zero and Paint It Black. They split up up after releasing Jersey's Best Dancers