Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Pacific Ridge

Pacific Ridge has announced the final track listing for their upcoming Blink-182 tribute. The album is due out on December 20, 2005.

The organizers are currently mastering the record at Double Time Studios in San Diego, apt because it is the same studio in which Blink-182 recorded Cheshire Cat.

The label had this to say:

I think the idea for the blink tribute came about long before there was even a label. Back when we were relentlessly searching the internet trying to find mp3s of zulu and marlboro man, and watching the video for 'First Date' at least a thousand times. Pacific Ridge owes a lot to Blink 182, not just for their spectacular releases, but for getting us so involved in music that a label was born.

So the idea is simple, pay tribute to a band that has paved the way for so many others. We decided to do this tribute in true Blink fashion, by bringing together a solid lineup of talented bands that deserve to be heard by the masses. Each band has done an incredible job at covering these songs, and surpasses all of our expectations.

You can check out some tracks from the album here.

  1. Four Year Strong - "Dumpweed"
  2. Sleepaway - "Everytime I Look for You"
  3. The Spotlight - "Anthem Pt. 2"
  4. Straight Outta Junior High - "A New Hope"
  5. Southcott - "Apple Shampoo"
  6. LastPageFirst - "Adam’s Song"
  7. The SpacePimps - "What’s My Age Again?"
  8. Storytold - "Aliens Exist"
  9. Park - "Obvious"
  10. Feeling Left Out - "Going Away to College"
  11. The Good Year - "Enthused"
  12. All Time Low - "Time to Break Up"
  13. Round Three Fight - "What Went Wrong"
  14. Echo Screen - "First Date"