Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Hellcat

"Leftover Crack's upcoming Album release (which should have been out by now) titled "Shoot the kids at school" is currently in production hiatus, with the printing company responsible for the production of the album refusing to print. This comes in light of the title of the album and artwork on both the front and inside the booklet. Epitaph and Hell Cat records have also dropped any Leftover Crack links off their site in light of these actions. This is a perfect example of deprivation of freedom of speech that members of Leftover Crack advocate so strongly and the ignorance of bothe the print company and of Epitaph, by not standing up for the band. The released was scheduled to be available months ago, and the Leftover Crack site has been dropped for quite some time now. Leftover Crack entails the talent of former Choking Victim members and continue to defy the norm set by current "punk" standards. Non-epitaph related links to Leftover Crack can be found at" This is just sad. Hellcat should not be playing these bullshit games. CV was one of the most original and striking punk bands of the 90's, and from what I've heard, Leftover Crack follows suit. I really thought Hellcat was beginning to turn into a great diverse label. Hopefully they will get through this shit and put out the record. If they drop Leftover Crack because the printing company is unhappy , they can eat shit.

Just a thought from Aubin here: I doubt this is a question of Epitaph wanting to stomp on Free Speech, and I doubt that is the goal here. One of the deals with producing records is that you have to sign exclusivity deals with your printers. If not, you end up paying way more than you should. It's likely that Epitaph has an arrangement like that, and has no way of putting out the record. I'm all for freedom of speech too, but if Leftover Crack really wanted to reach people, they could have done a lot more with the wide distribution they would have gotten from Epitaph/Hellcat; instead, people aren't going to hear the album, simply because they baited everyone with the title. Kip again with a few more rants- I agree with you Aubin, I really don't have any problems with Epitaph or Hellcat at this moment, but they knew what that title was going to be for a long, long time. Right now, my phazers are on the printing/pressing plant. However, taking Leftover Crack off the Hellcat Records website after they've already been shit on over the CD's release is not a good thing.