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A tribute for the influential rockabilly/swing band The Stray Cats is set to be released on February 24th. Go Cat Go! is a joint effort by Psycobilly*US and Baseline Music. Bands contributing songs to the tribute include Reel Big Fish, Mad Sin, The Phenomenauts, and Batmobile.

There are streaming previews available at the tribute's Myspace page.

The Stray Cats broke up in 1984, but have been reuniting on and off, playing shows and recently released Live in Brixton.

Go Cat Go! - A Tribute to the Stray Cats
  1. Mad Sin - Little Miss Prissy / I'm a Rocker
  2. The Phenomenauts - Cry Baby
  3. Mad Marge & The Stonecutters - Fishnet Stockings
  4. Reel Big Fish - Stray Cat Strut
  5. Shark Soup - Rumble in Brighton
  6. Os Catalepticos - Bring it Back Again
  7. G-String - Something's Wrong With My Radio
  8. The Rezurex - Runaway Boys
  9. Batmobile - Ubangi Stomp
  10. The Irish Brothers - Lust 'N' Love
  11. The Koffin Kats - 9 Lives
  12. The Rocketz - Storm the Embassy (2005)
  13. Thee Merry Widows - (He's) Sexy + 17
  14. The Astounding Roy Gorbisons - Let's Go Faster
  15. The Hellbillys - Blast Off
  16. The Phantom Rockers - Baby Blue Eyes