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Suicide Machines vocalist Jason Navarro and his wife Sandra have launched Noise Riot Records. For its inaugural release, the label will be releasing a remastered collection of pre-1996 material from the SideOneDummy act.

Titled On The Eve Of Destruction 1991-1995, the 28-song collection includes all the early demos, Green World full length, Van's Song 7-inch, and early versions of "New Girl" and "The Real You" from the Skank For Brains split. The release is available directly through the band and at their shows.

The band continues to support their 2005 full length, War Profiteering Is Killing Us All and will be touring the West Coast with Pennywise, No Use for a Name and Love Equals Death.

  1. Skachoo!
  2. Everyday Life
  3. Pre-Fab People
  4. Green World
  5. With Sunshine
  6. Inside/Outside
  7. The Golfing Song
  8. The Vans Song
  9. Drunken jocks…
  10. Ugly Place
  11. Snotrag
  12. Friends Are Hard To Find
  13. Something And Nothing
  14. Heyska!
  15. New Girl
  16. The Real You
  17. Too Much
  18. 9021-Oh No!
  19. Hey
  20. Whatsername
  21. Bonkers
  22. Suicide Machines
  23. She’s Not Worth It
  24. Little Home
  25. Too Much
  26. Vans Dub
  27. Post Office Death Squad
  28. Inside/Outside (Reprise)