Contributed by Inspection12e, Posted by Slowdance

Slowdance Records have signed two new bands.

New band #1 is Intramural, featuring Denver Dally who has been in Desaparecidos and Statistics. The label described their sound and plans as such:

Denver and Sam created a foundation of glitch-pop fuzzy indie instrumentals that they sent off to a slew of talented singers. Confirmed vocalists that appear on the album are members of Men Women & Children, Brand New, The Faint, John Roderick (The Long Winters) and tons more.

You can preview a song featuring vocals by Judah Nagler of The Velvet Teen at their Myspace page.

The label also got The Evening Episode on board, from Sacramento, California. Featuring a sound described as "Rilo Kiley meets The Notwist," the band is currently working on their new album. There are demo tracks available for preview at their Myspace page as well.