Contributed by AFI, Posted by Universal Music Group

Addressing the concerns raised by fans after some new material surfaced, AFI's Jade Puget has posted an ambiguous update on the band's message board:

Just like old times. I remember before I was even in the band, when Shut Your Mouth came out and all these people on the message board were like, "This sucks! You should play the old stuff! Play some stuff from before AFI even existed!" It made me mad at the time because AFI were my friends and I wanted to defend them but then I realized it would always be like that, there's always doubters and there's always supporters.

When Black Sails came out people were tripping! "What is this shit!?! It's like metally sucky!" But we knew that we had made an album we were proud of. Also, if I recall, there was ALOT of concern before STS came out that it would be basically an industrial/electronic album.

Puget has also launched a blog and has posted a snippet from one of the songs scheduled to appear on the album. Though the chunk in question was eventually removed from the recording, it was originally part of a track called "Endlessly, She Said" which he promises is "aggressive" and "epic."

The band continues to work on their upcoming full length follow up to Sing the Sorrow.