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After going on hiatus in November, Further Seems Forever has decided to call it a day. The band had this to say:

After seven years as a band with various lineups, 3 records and over a thousand shows, FSF agree it is time to move on to other things in our lives. We have enjoyed touring the world over these years, and meeting all of our incredible fans. All of the members of FSF remain the best of friends and look forward to the future, whatever it may bring.

Further Seems Forever will be playing our final shows in early 2006. They will be with the full electric band. We will be doing spot shows in various cities across the country and Canada. We will do our best to play as many places as possible but several members now have full-time jobs and other full time commitments. We hope to see all our fans out at the shows and look forward to playing for you one more time.

We won't be recording a new record but there will be some unreleased material coming out as well as a DVD with live footage and videos.

We will be keeping our MySpace page current and you can check that page as well as this site for new info on shows, the DVD and any other FSF related news.

The band released their last record Hide Nothing in 2004.