by Warped Tour

Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman recently discussed some of the issues that have arisen in organizing the 2006 edition of the tour.

The problems were brought to light first when Lyman chastised some bands for abusing Warped connections to acquire corporate sponsorship. Since then, there have been other problems like the recent difficulties with a man named Lou Galluch, who was alledgedly misrepresenting himself to bands as a tour booker.

Beyond that, some of the daily problems are also frustrating for the man who started the infamous tour. Lyman explained:

I mean, it wears you down after awhile. We try to book this tour and we reach out to bands and they all want to be on the main stage. They all have a sense of entitlement. And every day for the past 12 years I have the same conversations and I give out the same explanations. The sheer minutiae of my day-to-day routine is astonishing.

Despite the small frustrations though, Lyman is intent on keeping the tour going as long as possible, saying:

I'm learning to relax a little bit, to try and de-stress about some things, and though it's been a pain this year, I can't wait for the tour to start. The first day is going to be great

On a related note, the tour has also announced a full routing for the tour; though venues are still being confirmed.

June 16, 2006Columbus
June 17, 2006Milwaukee
June 18, 2006Minneapolis
June 19, 2006Kansas City
June 21, 2006Birmingham
June 22, 2006Jacksonville
June 23, 2006Tampa
June 24, 2006Miami Area
June 25, 2006Orlando
June 27, 2006Raleigh
June 28, 2006Atlanta
June 30, 2006Houston
July 1, 2006Dallas
July 2, 2006San Antonio
July 3, 2006Las Crucas
July 5, 2006Phoenix Area
July 6, 2006San Diego
July 7, 2006Los Angeles Area
July 8, 2006San Francisco
July 9, 2006Ventura
July 11, 2006Fresno
July 12, 2006Los Angeles Area
July 13, 2006Sacramento
July 14, 2006Boise
July 15, 2006Seattle/the Gorge
July 16, 2006Portland
July 18, 2006Vancouver
July 20, 2006Calgary
July 22, 2006Salt Lake City
July 23, 2006Denver
July 25, 2006St. Louis
July 26, 2006Cincinnattii
July 27, 2006Pittsburgh
July 28, 2006Indianapolis
July 29, 2006Detroit
July 30, 2006Chicago
August 1, 2006Buffalo
August 2, 2006Boston/North Hampton Area
August 3, 2006Scranton, PA.
August 4, 2006Philadelphia
August 5, 2006New York
August 6, 2006Englishtown, NJ
August 7, 2006Charolette, NC
August 8, 2006Virginia Beach,VA
August 9, 2006Washington, D.C.
August 11, 2006Cleveland
August 12, 2006Toronto
August 13, 2006Montreal