by Some

Walter Schreifels has announced some plans for the new year.

Among the most notable is a plan to re-release Gorilla Biscuit's classic second full length, Start Today. The album was originally released in 1989 and has been claimed as a singular influence by legions of melodic hardcore acts. More details have not been revealed but are expected soon.

In addition, a previously unreleased album from Schreifels' band, Rival Schools is also expected. The band split up after the release of their sole Island full length, United By Fate.

Plans for the new year do not end there, however, as Walter is planning more material including a "live acoustic" full length, a solo acoustic release and a "rock band" release. Schreifels' most recent release was the 2004 full length, Run To Be Born, released with his band Walking Concert. He also continues to work with his independent record label, Some.