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Independent distributor Hardcore Holocaust is reporting that Jack Control, vocalist of hardcore punk bands Severed Head of State and World Burns to Death was stabbed and seriously wounded after a performance in Austin, Texas on January 28th.

According to reports, some attendees at the show with J-Church, Army of Jesus and Storm The Tower vandalized the venue and the bookstore next to the venue. Members of the bands interceded, and Jack Control was reportedly stabbed in the stomach, just below the ribs.

Control is currently at the ICU at Brackenridge Hospital. Due to medical bills in the thousands of dollars, a fund has been set up to raise money for his expenses, and Paypal payments can be sent to

In addition to the donation account, a benefit show will be held in Austin on February 9th at Emo's with Signal Lost, Camp X-Ray, Army Of Jesus, Iron Age and Modern Needs performing.