SideOneDummy Records are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this March with a trio of shows at the Key Club in Hollywood. Wednesday, March 22nd will feature Flogging Molly and the Briggs. On the following Friday Gogol Bordello will perform alongside Zox. Saturday, March 26th will feature MxPx, American Eyes and label co-owner Joe Sib's band 22 Jacks. The label's website is currently running a contest to give away tickets to the shows.

The label's history can be traced back to 1995 when Joe Sib sang in WAX. Sib started a label called SideOne Records to put out 7"s from his friend's bands. His roommate at the time was former Green Thumb guitarist Bill Armstrong, who had started Dummy Records to release full length records. Sib and Armstrong combined their respective efforts to create SideOneDummy, releasing Swingin' Utters More Scared: The House of Faith Years collection as the label's debut.