Contributed by shindo, Posted by Epitaph

Pennywise's scheduled free show in the the parking lot of an L.A. Tower Records has been banned by local police because to the lyrics in the band's new song "Fuck Authority." A spokesperson has said that despite having issued proper permits, the city of West Hollywood "has now decided that the band's song 'Fuck Authority' is offensive and cannot be performed on their city street… The song was written as a protest against the widespread corruption in government and in the police force, not as an attack on authority in general."Epitaph is reporting the show has been moved to the House Of Blues on Sunset. Go to the Tower Records on the Sunset Strip to get wristbands then head to HOB. The show will start at 3:00pm on Tuesday the 19th.

It seems that L.A. has changed an AWFUL lot since the Frankenchrist Trials - Aubin